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German Machine Co. for Engineering Industries
German technology by Egyptian hands


German Machine for Engineering Industries is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel packaging machines using materials that prevent rust and weather conditions. We have specialized engineers and technicians in manufacturing packaging machines such as:


Powder filling machine (semi-automatic)

  •  manufactured with the latest international technologies and with it a blender that mixes and stirs materials together

  • German Machine provides you with the latest international technologies in manufacturing blenders of all sizes and capacities in order to suit all our customers needs

  • Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects

  • Special prices and high quality

Powder mixer V shape


It is a mixer-mixer used to mix and stir products together such as (feeds - fertilizers - pesticides - spices - spices - mixing flour with ingredients - mixing ice cream powder - mixing all foodstuffs - mixing all powders - mixing dry and wet materials - liquids - viscous liquids - Juices - etc. The price depends on needed capacity.


Legumes packing machines

The machine is manufactured according to international specifications as follows:
  1. All parts in contact with the product are made of food grade 304 stainless steel.

  2. All parts of the machine were cut by laser to ensure high quality and accuracy

  3. Machine's motors made in Italy

  4. Machine's Photocell made in Italy, brand Data Logic.

  5. The machine contains a packing tray made of stainless steel with four slots.

  6. The packing is volumetric and the volume of packing is controlled by the cups.

  7. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel collar to form a paper roll (one collar is supplied with the machine, in case another collar needed is requested, its price should be paid).

  8. 8- faka allahaam center masnue min alwiminyum biur

  9. shakal alkis liham sintar sil

  10. harakat alfukuk alafiqiat tatimu eali bli sabhi eali dalayil hard krum.It contains a horizontal jaw for welding the bag from the top and bottom

  11. There is a steel knife to separate the bags.

  12. The machine speed can be controlled through Schneider inverter

  13. The machine contains silicone belts to pull the paper roll.

  14. Digital temperature gauge.

  15. All horizontal movements are through hard chrome axises inside linear bearings.

  16. Schneider circuit breaker

  17. Schneider contactors

  18. Schneider relays

  19. Italian belts

  20. The components are CE certified.

  21. markat P.L.C fatik aw dilta

  22. Delta or Kenko touch screen

  23. The machine designed to operates on 220 or 380 volts.

  24. The machine is completely safe for individuals and the electrical and mechanical equipment attached to the machine:

  • The control circuits are designed in the event of a power outage and the return, the machine will not operate until  restarted

  • The electrical panel is equipped with circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuit in the event of a problem

  • The electrical panel is equipped with an over load against overloading to protect the machine motors

  • The board is equipped with protection units against overvoltage and undervoltage

  • The panel is equipped with a circuit control unit in the event of the absence of one of the feeding sides of the electrical panel

  • The panel is equipped with a unit that protects the engine and the machine in the event of a reversal of one of the sides


Machine Dimensions:

125 cm wide x 150 cm long x 260 cm high for 1 kg and 350 cm high for 5 kg

Packaging weight from 25 grams to 1 kilo

Our products: One year warranty against manufacturing defects

In Egypt and the Middle East from German Machine for Engineering Industries, the kung chocolate manufactured with the latest international specifications, made by Egyptian hands, using the latest international technologies, and high Egyptian quality

  • Capacity of 500 kg, made of stainless steel 304, inner body thickness 8 mm, inner bottom thickness 8 mm, outer bottom thickness 4 mm

  • Turkish heaters 9 kg

  • Italian 10 hp motor (bilmaz)

  • Chocolate pump 2 hp double jacket and Turkish motor (bilmaz)

  • Italian water heater pump

  • ABB electrical panel *bala10,8,12,

  • shasih hamil masnae min ealaa 6 * 6 aistalas stil min tajlid bialalmunyum biqalawat samak 3 mim

  •  eadad 2 murihInner body thickness 3 mm, bottom thickness 4 cm

  • Outer body thickness 3 mm, bottom thickness 4 mm

  • Turkish heaters 9 kg

  • Italian motor, 3 hp

  • Chocolate pump 2 hp double jacket anchoring with Turkish motor (bilmaz)

German Machine Co. pioneer in manufacturing dairy and juices homogenizers as well as silos, tanks and liquid mixers of all sizes and capacities.


Conveyor belts

Manufacturing conveyor belts such as:


sayr taghdhiat albuquliaat

Carton conveyor belts

Bottle conveyor belts

Manufacturing all belts types according to your needs

Company advantages

  1. Special prices

  2. Fast execution and delivery

  3. High quality

  4. The machines and equipment operates at full capacity

  5. Specifications that meets all customers’ needs

  6. 1 year warranty

  7. Spare parts availability

  8. Annual maintenance contracts

  9. Training workers on how to use the machine through specialized engineers

Automatic and semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Liquid filling machine (semi-automatic mineral water - edible oil - rose water - vinegar - perfumes - juices).

And sticky liquids such as ketchup - jam - tahini - all sauces types - shampoo - shower gel - honey - tomato sauce - sticky juices.

Liquid filling production line

Filling all liquid types such as edible oil - olive oil - nigella oil - sesame oil - mineral water, vinegar - juice - chocolate - jam - sauce

All you need in one machine

And there are from the machine 4 inns to 12 inns of different package sizes to suit all customer needs

100ml packing weight: 4 liters

Operating 220 volts or 3 phases of electricity

2 years warranty

We also provide lifetime maintenance and spare parts

Special prices and high quality

Specifications that meets all customers’ needs

Equipment operating at full production capacity

After sales service

Training workers on how to use the machine


Powder filling machine (automatic)

For packing all kinds of powder such as flour - starch - coffee - powder cosmetics - spices - washing powder.


10 head automatic scales machine

The machine is fully made of stainless steel and stainless steel

The latest 10 heads automatic weighing machine

Accuracy in weighing and in production capacity

The machine packs all kinds of grains (half-fried potatoes - frozen vegetables - frozen fruits - rice - sugar - pasta - salt - lentils - beans - snacks - nuts - all agricultural crops - etc.)

Lots of discounts and surprises

The best specifications and the best price in Egypt

This machine is available in our company only

Electricity: 220 volts and 380 volts

The spare parts which it will be used for the machine it will be supplied with the machine

3-year warranty with after-sales service

Storage Tanks


Potato Production lines

Linear Filling Machine


Automatic Bag Filling Machine

 Bag Filling Machine


"All this and more in German Machine"

The company provides a two-year warranty on packaging machines, as well as the necessary spare parts and training users on how to operate the machine.


Powder Filling Machine Automatic

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