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German Machine Co. for Engineering Industries
German technology by Egyptian hands
Special discount on machines and production lines


The company pressed into the machinery industry in the packaging industry, and production lines, with more than 10 years of experience and pen, continuous production development of constructions and production lines to raise the quality of Egyptian production.

We work to achieve the highest quality at the lowest quality.

Speed ​​in implementation and the longest warranty period.

 German specifications, after-sales services, and a customer service team.

A group of specialized engineers and technicians, responding to your inquiries quickly and providing full assistance to the customer through an integrated feasibility study for the project and providing a comprehensive marketing plan for the success of the product, which helps the customer to make the appropriate decision. Now we have become one of the first companies in Egypt and the Arab countries thanks to our valued customers.

Our vision

Establishing branches for the company in all Arab countries and striving for development to compete with European and international markets with high Egyptian quality.

Our experience

More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing packaging machines and production lines. The company has very high experience in manufacturing and sales inside and outside Egypt. We strive to achieve the best.

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